Thursday, September 8, 2016

First week of STEM - Fall 2016

Summer has come and gone and school is officially back in session.  What a great first week it was in STEM class!  We did the usual first day activities of rules and procedures as well as getting to know each other.  The rest of the week we set up our engineering design journals in our google class.  This is where we will keep notes on our modules to use through the rotations.  We spend time working with the word wall words.  We started with three science words: observe, experiment, and test.  We used an LDC minitask to see what we already knew about the words.  In the pictures below you can see the students brainstorming and jotting down their thoughts.  We are all very excited to get started in our LMS Paxton Patterson.  The second week of school will be spent doing an orientation.  The students are very ready to be working in their stations!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Semester 2 - Rotation 1

The start of the new semester brings new students to the STEM Lab.  The students have completed orientation and are in the beginning of rotation 1.  Here are some of the students exploring their first modules.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Mid-Way Through Rotation 1

We have been working in Rotation 1 for about two weeks.  The students are beginning to get the hang of the student-centered learning modules.  They are really enjoying working with the different pieces of equipment and technology.  Below is a quick glance at some of their activities.

One of the most popular modules is Digital Manufacturing which has a 3D printer.  Here is a look of the design process from computer to finished!


Monday, November 2, 2015

Rotation 1

We have made it through orientation with our new learning management system. The students are very excited to be doing their first rotation in the different modules. Look how engaged they are!!!

Flight Technology Module

 Robotics Module

 Digital Music Module

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Our STEM Lab equipment came in!!!!!!

The equipment we have been waiting for ALL school year came in on Monday. It was like Christmas came early. The students, as well as myself, were extremely excited. We examined each box!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pipe Cleaner Challenge

Last week we took on the Pipe Cleaner Challenge during class. This was a fun, inexpensive way to introduce the students to STEM learning. They were paired with new partners and faced an added challenge of working with someone they were not familiar with. Prior to coming to class I grouped 15 pipe cleaners per team by wrapping a pipe cleaner around a bundle of 14. I assigned roles to the students based on common birthday months. Once grouped, I explained the challenge to the class. Their challenge was to build the highest, free-standing tower using only pipe cleaners. I then handed out a packet of rules and questions for them to complete during and after they build. The students then got to work! As the groups were constructing their towers, I added in a few obstacles to overcome. After the first 5 minutes I called "freeze". I explained that their company underwent budget cuts and they lost resources. Each team member had to put one arm behind their back and continue to build. This lasted about 3 minutes. I then informed them that their company relocated to a new country. They regained their resources (their arm), however, they could not speak the same language. Now they had to work in silence! After about 5 minutes of silence, I let them know a translator was hired and they could communicate verbally again. As I walked around the classes, I saw students learning to depend on team members and try to communicate without speaking. I believe they are starting to understand the importance of teamwork!